RankWorks™ will be one of the first digital marketing agencies to accept Bitcoin as a payment method to run Google Ads Campaigns

MONTREAL, Feb. 18, 2021 /CNW/ – RankWorks™ (www.RankWorks.com), a digital marketing agency and industry leader in web design and digital marketing, is pleased to announce that it will officially be accepting Bitcoin payments from clients in order to run digital marketing campaigns.  This will make RankWorks™ one of the first digital marketing agencies to accept Bitcoin payments to fund Google Ads campaigns in the US and Canada. 

With the number of Blockchain wallet users worldwide increasing at a significant rate, Bitcoin leads in value and market size compared to other cryptocurrencies.  With the business communities taking notice of this new monetary asset class, RankWorks™ decision to accept Bitcoin as a form of digital currency payment comes at a time when digital transformation is expanding across all levels of different industries and markets.  

According to Chris Keirl, President & CEO of RankWorks™, “there is a big demand from our client base to accept payments in Bitcoin.  Since a lot of our clients have eCommerce websites that accept payments in cryptocurrency, the decision to adopt Bitcoin as an option to fund digital marketing campaigns was an easy one.”

RankWorks™ has developed its digital marketing strategy to include Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media management (SMM), and Influencer Marketing by connecting its proprietary advertising platform to a variety of different social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest. 

“It’s our belief that as long as the demand remains strong in digital advertising, new payment technology options will evolve to suit the needs of our clients.  It is our goal as a company to provide our client base with an easy solution to move their business online and market their products and services to mass audiences.   It is now easy for us to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment and this will open up new opportunities to grow the RankWorks™ brand into new markets,”  Says Dan Alper, Director of Marketing & Brand Development. 

RankWorks™ makes it easy for companies to get online and market their products and services to mass audiences.  By leveraging the power of the internet, RankWorks™ provides affordable agency level website design and digital advertising solutions to companies that are located in the US and Canada.  RankWorks™ innovation in digital ad serving technology allows it to reach and target online shoppers on a variety of different search engines and social media platforms. 

For more information about RankWorks™ please visit www.RankWorks.com.

For further information: (media only): Dan Alper, +18776257265, [email protected]

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